Friday, 28 October 2016

Story ***CSI- color, stories, inspiration - Case File 216***


This was a fun Case File to investigate! It made me work a little out of my comfort zone and do a style that I don't normally do but in doing this it has enabled me to use a photo/picture that would not have suited that 'normal' style, this is why I love CSI!

So here we are my layout for Case File 216!

This the Case File, I hope you can straight away where my layout comes from in this!
Williams Alien laminated school sign was perfect for this case file!

All colours used from the Colour Scheme.

The clues I chose from the Evidence list were:

* solid cardstock
* speech bubbles
* monsters, skulls
* googly eyes
* asterisks/stars
* sign/placard
* labels
* texture

The Clue I used from the Testimony list was:

* sign to hold story

Here are a couple of close ups;

Now its your turn! :)

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