Sunday, 4 February 2018

Gone to the beach....

Hello all, 

Today I'm sharing an altered art piece with you. 
This was done using an MDF wood plaque.

And the theme... my favourite place the beach....

I started with a light covering of gesso and then went straight into a layer of texture paste through i pebble effect stencil.

I used a couple of Prima Color Bloom mist sprays, Tea Stain and Soft Teal on the background.

The clever bit and I love this stuff  is the 'SAND' from Flower Soft... this stuff is amazing and really does look like sand!

The Shells are real, the smaller ones came off the beach at Tenby and the scallop shells were part of a crab dish we had on New Years Eve in our buffet!

I have used lots of texture to create the 'filling' and depth to the layers. Lots of cheesecloth, and a fine shredded twine, mixed in with some real dried spongy seaweed from Anna Marie designs. 

I have splattered water down gesso over it and then using a gel medium added pebbles and grit over it all.

The Star fish was a die that i cut. I then covered the starfish with the sand flower soft with a gel medium glue. Allowed it to dry and then sprayed it with an orange cosmic shimmer mist a coule of times. 

I also added a couple of lovely gems that have a fish scales effect on them. These fitted the theme and the colour scheme perfectly and are like some lost treasure buried in the sand... 

These photos taken from the  side show you the depth to the piece.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my work,

Ginny  :)